Sustainability Researcher Architect

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Sustainability Researcher Architect

I am Researcher at the University of Palermo, Faculty of Architecture, Professor of Architectural Technology and Architectural Construction Laboratory, with particular interest in green building and sustainability.
My field of research is on natural and artificial lighting, the use of innovative materials for the recovery and enhancement of architecture and archaeological heritage, with particular reference to conservative issues. Currently my research is on resilient architecture, green building and biomimetic architecture.
The development of technologies is helping architects of the “biomimetic current” to recreate complex structures that can be found in nature, using innovative construction methods and materials. Through a scientific methodological approach, my research is on dominant strategies function in nature and provides user-friendly tools that can facilitate the generation of more in-depth insights, opening new perspectives for new possible technical solutions and showing the potential of nature adaptations to environmental conditions at different climate.
Currently I am guest editor for a volume titled Advanced materials for adaptive architecture, special volume of ISSN: 1662-8985
I have experience in:
Research, Courses and Seminars on innovative technologies for the Architectural sector. I contributed consistently by publishing excellent monographies and article in International Journals.
Some of my articles are published at the links below:…

I would like to get involvement in Universities or international firms.
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