Product/Interior/Graphic designer

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Product/Interior/Graphic designer

Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is Tzuyu Liu. I just finished my bachelor's degree in design in NABA, Milan. During my study, I attended product, interior, and graphic design lessons to achieve various experiences from different perspectives. This makes me enable to present my project multi- disciplinarily. Furthermore, I have proved my ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds through years of study in international class. I am able to speak Chinese, English, and Italian.

I am capable of 3D design, rendering, graphic design and product design. I would like to dedicate my ability to design and I believe that real experience can support me to maturely complete my design with a professional stander. It will increase my performance and experience on the path of my career in Europe.

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Please feel free to reach me via email at email

Yours Faithfully,

Tzuyu Liu
Hi, could you send a CV at email

Studio Svetti Architecture in Cortona is searching for new collaborators.
Dear Sara,

Thank you for your reply.
I had sent an email attached with my CV to "email".
Named "Tzuyu Liu's CV for new collaborators on Professionearchitett".

Best regards,

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