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Architect - interior designer / Architectural design

Dear (almost) fellow architects,

Iam Sowmya Baskaran a candidate from IUAV Università Iuav di Venezia currently studying for my 2nd year final thesis doing my masters in architecture (MA -ARCHITECTURE). Previously, I have Achieved a five-year Bachelor Degree in Architecture from India.
Gained One year experience as a junior architect from Shilpa Architects architectural firm (Junior architect -Interior Designer) and 5 months in Padro consultants (Junior architect- Project management) from India. I have also pursued an internship for 6 months from Giorgio Pettenò Architetti, Italy and previously worked for a year in India as an intern in Pithavadian and partners and Rajendran associates firms from India.
I Am very much interested to work in your firm as an architect to explore myself for my future Endeavours.

I am a student/graduate and I am about to conclude my academic career in architecture (Master's degree). I'm 28 years old, it took me longer than expected to complete my studies and for this very reason I feel the need to have my economic independence as soon as possible.

Graduation is approaching, and I would like to immediately get started to qualify and invest my energies to pursue a path that in some way gives me a certain stability. I love what I do, but I know that the reality in studios is very different from design labs. Lately I have been seriously considering whether it's worth investing my time and gaining experience (perhaps) in some studio, underpaid and probably exploited. In the last year I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a studio abroad... needless to say that the reality there is quite different, but my desire is to start my working career here in Italy.

Thanks to anyone who will reply.
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