Places to Be

Call for entries | visualizing human perception and appropriation of urban public spaces

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scadenza 9 ottobre 2009

Places to Be - call for entries is organised by the European Network of Creative Cities focusing on interactions between human beings and urban design

The call for entries is open to any person conceiving and producing visual material (be it photographs, documentary, fiction films, etc) whose subject is in any way related to cities, from environmental design to anthropology and all associated disciplines in between: architecture, landscape architecture and design, planning, urban design, lighting design, graphic design, public or urban art, sociology, anthropology and geography.

This event is meant to exhibit pertinent visuals which integrate the vision of Human Cities in order to enhance the understanding of the concept of Human Cites by a larger public.

The selected projects will be exhibited in the different partner cities and during the first Human Cities Festival which will take place in Brussels in spring 2010. The application forms and the registration procedures can be downloaded on the website.

All candidate files must be in our possession by October 9th 2009 at the following address: Pro Materia Creative Space Kreon-Pro Materia Rue de la Chancellerie 19 B- 1000 Bruxelles We are at your disposal for further information via