A city to live in | Una città in cui vivere

idea competition

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consegna entro 8 febbraio 2010

A city to live in - Idea competition regarding development of the centre of Strømsø in Drammen. The idea competition includes major sections of the centre of Strømsø which also are the core area for the City and Housing Exhibition in Oslo and Drammen. By the help of the idea competition, the Awarding Authority wishes to clarify how good urban development and architecture can contribute to create a future-oriented and philanthropic urban society with small transportation requirements and minimal gas emissions.

The idea competition shall develop future images which can inspire developers and inhabitants. The idea competition shall also demonstrate how sustainable urban development can be organised in an early stage of the planning process, both as regard to city district level as well as project level.

Design Contest Notice

+ info: www.arkitektur.no/enbyalevei