Daylight Spaces 2010

International Architectural and Design Competition

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consegna entro 26 aprile 2010

The merging of different aspects of high quality architecture in sustainable building structures is the primary goal of teaching and research activities at the Department for Building and Environment. A key component is the skillful use of natural light. The competition "Daylight Spaces" provides a platform upon which to raise awareness of planning with natural light.

Task and assessment criteria
Submitted projects and design concepts should show a sensitive, unusual, new or unexpected use of natural light and highlight its influence on structures of architectural space. Sustainability, design quality, user needs and positive effects on the environment should also be considered. Both realized projects and realizable design concepts can be submitted to the competition.

"Daylight Spaces" is aimed at architects, artists and other professionals dealing with construction-related tasks, as well as > advanced students from around the world.

26th of April, 2010 Deadline for submission (date of receipt stamp)

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