Bali 2010. Marine Research Centre in Indonesia

landscape competition

iscrizioni entro 15.06.10 | consegna entro 1.07.10

After having been one of the first places in the world to be hit by a catastrophic event as a result of global warming, Indonesia has managed to recover from such devastation and chaos. In the wake images which were broadcast around the world just a few years ago, we have been witnesses to how tsunamis, contrary to what we might have believed, have become more frequent-as in the recent case of the earthquake in Chile - and this fact has led us to the conclusion that more than ever planning is needed for a prevention and research center.

That is why, for this competition Arquitectum, together with the PELITAS HARAPAN UNIVERSITY, has proposed a proper Marine Research Center which would fulfill this need. But the idea is not simply to locate it at an ad-hoc site but instead to select a paradisiacal and beautiful place, thereby eradicating that paradigm under which research centers must always be located far from civilization or located at isolated spots, be it far from cities or the many wonderful scenic places which the world has to offer.

On the contrary, with this project we propose to encourage the participants to demonstrate how, through architecture, a symbiosis can be achieved between science and art, between landscape and technology.

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