Jean Monnet 2 - nuova sede europea a Lussemburgo

JMO 2 architectural design competition

candidature entro 30 aprile 2010

The Administration des bâtiments publicsis organising this international architectural design competition for the project of building an administrative complex for the European Commission on the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg.

The aim of this competition is to select an architectural project and the team responsible for planning it.

This competition is an international architectural competition open to participants meeting the preselection criteria set out below and announced in the competition notice published on 17/03/2010 in the Official Journal of the European Communities.

The competition phases are as follows:

  • preselection: a call will be published in the Official Journal of the European Communities, inviting applicants to declare their interest in participating.
  • a project competition: following preselection, the applicants selected will draw up a project aimed at devising the best urban development, architectural, technical, energetic and functional approach, ensuring that the building operates efficiently and completing the project within the budget and on schedule.

The competition brief has been drawn up only in German, English and French.

- 1st prize: 150.000 euros excluding VAT
- 2nd prize: 100.000 euros excluding VAT
- 3rd prize: 80.000 euros excluding VAT

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