A New Landmark for Aldgate

open international competition

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scadenza 28 maggio 2010

The Architecture Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of an open international competition to design a New Aldgate, a temporary landmark on the eastern edge of the City of London, to stand for the duration of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, to open in January 2012.

The competition for the design of the project is open to (but not limited to) architects, designers, artists, product designers, and/or any other disciplines. The Architecture Foundation encourages design teams to suggest inspiring and innovative yet realistic designs for this temporary and flexible structure.

The landmark will contribute to the celebration of the Games, reinforce awareness of the City of London, strengthen the City's links with the City Fringe and with the regeneration of East London. Sited on the location of the historic Ald-Gate, the landmark will be a signal that the City welcomes its neighbours rather than tries to keep them out. Historically, Aldgate was known as ‘Ale-Gate', so called because it was the only gateway open to all.

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