Man made reformulate

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2010 Prize Awards / Competition

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consegna entro il 1° luglio 2010

International Idea competition for architects, landscape architects, designers, and urban planners. Open for students and professionals.


How can architecture solve the challenges of tomorrow?
The intention of the competition is to challenge the participants on how to exemplify and illustrate policies on architecture, the relationship between architecture and politics, and how architecture can contribute in solving the challenges of the future.

Architecture is politics in practice. Through architecture we inflict the political landscape, our surroundings and our society. MAN MADE REFORMULATE seeks suggestions on how we can influence the society and the challanges of tomorrow in a positive matter. We want to see old, new, shown and unknown suggestions, where the aim is to find the best ideas.

The winner's task will be to apply their concept onto Oslo, the capital of Norway, shown as project and exhibited as part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale in September/October 2010.

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