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poster for tomorrow call for entries 2011

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scadenza 10 giugno 2011

poster for tomorrow launches its call for entries for its 2011 edition: the right for education. Every year poster for tomorrow chooses a basic human right to draw attention to.

Everyone in the world has the right to an education. That's a fact. Yet incredibly 121 million children worldwide are not in primary school, despite universal primary education being a right "guaranteed" in the Universal Declaration of Human Right and a UN Millennium Goal; while illiteracy rates are still staggeringly high even in countries where a child's right to education is guaranteed.

In France illiteracy has become a "cause nationale" (with 3.1 million people unable to read, write or count), the rate of illiteracy in the U.K. is "unacceptably" high according to M.P.s, while according to the National Adult Literacy Survey, 42 million adult Americans can't read (and current estimates have the number of functionally illiterate adults in the U.S. increasing by approximately 2,500,000 people each year).

This is truly a problem that affects us all. We've chosen to fight for the right to education for all as we believe that education gives people across the whole world the chance to break the cycle of poverty; to live in a more equal world, without discrimination, where everybody has the same chance to learn the same skills and enjoy the same success. To enjoy a better tomorrow. And that makes it the perfect subject for poster for tomorrow to address.

The best posters as selected by jury of graphic designers will be published in a book and exhibited around the world on poster for tomorrow day, December 10th.

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