This is tomorrow. Rethinking today's housing

design competition on rethinking today's housing

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iscrizioni entro 29.04.11 | consegna entro 25.07.11

The Foundation Miguel Fisac has announced a Design Competition to explore new solutions for improving the quality of construction in terms of new technologies, accessibility and sustainability.

The objective of the competition is to promote new architectural solutions uniting the needs and demands of "current social housing" in a realistic way. The proposals submitted for competition should consider the objectives and needs set out by the competition rules in technological, financial, environmental and social terms.

This will be a single-phase open international Design Competition with a jury. The Jury will select, from all the projects submitted, TEN projects that in its opinion represent the most innovative ideas for discussion, study and future application to the social housing issue in Castilla-La Mancha. The TEN projects selected will be exhibited and publicly presented by their authors before the Jury that will subsequently discuss them. After being presented, the Jury will deliberate and select the three projects that, in its opinion, best meet the competition requirements.

The competition is open to architects or multidisciplinary teams led by architects. The ten teams selected will be required to prove their academic degrees or professional association memberships with the appropriate certificates.

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