Improving the quality of suburban building stock

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As part of COST Action TU0701 , will take place in Ferrara at the Faculty of Architecture, a conference entitled: Improving the quality of suburban building stock.

The aims of COST Action TU0701 are to promote a scientific understanding for the renovation and revitalization of suburban housing settlements, increasing their value, improvving the safety and quality of life.

The conference will present the main results achieved by the group that participated in the COST action and there will be a session open to other contributions by scholars from various disciplines, professionals and local administrators.

Authors are invited to submit abstract of papers on the topics of the conference:

1. Strategies for improving the quality of suburban areas

Aspects and data to define a profile of suburban building stock in European countries:

- dimensions of real estates, age and condition of buildings, architectural aspects;
- quality of life in suburban areas: density, profile of inhabitants, availability or lack of social services and utilities, etc.;
- functional characteristics of buildings in suburban housing estates: types, layouts, accessibility, etc.;

European trends, policies and strategies for the renovation and revitalization of suburban housing settlements:

- methods for planning and managing urban-scale building redesign;
- solutions to improve functional and technical performances, structural and safety aspects, architectural design, sustainability and energy efficiency
- best practices in the field of building redesign and sustainable building methods for the refurbishment of systems and components for multi-family dwellings

2. Quality standards and indicators

Criteria and models to define common standards and indicators for assessing the level of acceptable quality of suburban settlements and estimating the actual value of suburban housing estates. Analysis of standards and indicators relate to three main aspects of quality:

- Technical quality;
- Energy efficiency;
- Architectural and functional quality.

3. Quality assessment models and protocols

Criteria and models for assessing the quality and value of suburban housing estates. Approaches and strategies adopted by different European governments and municipalities towards improving the overall quality of the built environment in the suburban building stock will be highlighted, namely private and public social housing. Instruments and tools used and suitability of the models taking into consideration their compatibility with the European legislation.

Final Conference Ferrara 20-21 April 2012.

Important dates
July 30th (2011) Opening of the abstract submission
October 30th (2011) Deadline for abstract submission
November 30th (2011) Author notification
January 31st (2012) Deadline of full paper submission
April 20th - 21st (2012) Conference

Flyer final conference

Abstract of maximum 500 words (PDF or DOC file) can be submitted directly to the following e-mail: | Papers will be peer-reviewed. Accepted papers will be published in proceedings. Paper format, template and submission information can be obtained from




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