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Design a Cincinnati public transportation shelter. The City of Cincinnati has been expanding and improving its public transportation system over the last several years. The potential of combining a streetcar with the existing Metro Bus presents an opportunity to rethink the purpose and design of street-side shelters throughout Cincinnati's urban neighborhoods.

Choose a stop or proposed stop along a metro route or the proposed streetcar route (see competition website for map). Explore the interaction of a transportation shelter with it's surrounding neighborhood. How does the shelter reflect the neighborhood vernacular? How does it change the hierarchy of street, curb and sidewalk, of vehicle and pedestrian?

This competition is open to all. Entries may be submitted by individuals or by groups.

First Place: $1,000 | Second Place: $500.

$50 until 5pm on October 14th
Submission Deadline: 5pm on October 14th.

+ Info: www.usgbc-cincinnati.org

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