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Architectural and Theatre Students Design Competition

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The United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. (USITT) Architecture Commission is organizing the 2012 "Ideal Theatre" Student Design Competition to promote the collaboration of college and university students enrolled in professional architectural and theatre programs. USITT will exhibit the entries and honor the winners at the 2012 USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo from March 28 to 31, 2012 in Long Beach, California.

Unlike film and television, theatre takes place in real time and space. Actors and audiences come together in a place that has been devised and prepared for telling a particular story with the intention of sharing an extraordinary experience together. The issue of space - its character, its geometry, its materiality - and the impact that this space has on the way the story is told and received is central to live theatre.

The goal of this competition is to encourage architecture students to work with young theatre artists to explore the emotive power of space, how space can aid storytelling, and how it can be manipulated to achieve a dramatic purpose.

The Problem Statement
The competition poses the design question, "What space or spaces would be ideal for telling a particular story in a very powerful way?" The task will be to conceive a production concept and design and illustrate a space or a sequence of spaces - not scenery, but emotionally - laden places - to accommodate a live theatrical production of one of the four works listed below. The design of the space itself should form the environment of the play, supplemented by costumes, props, lighting, sound, actors, and the audience.

Each team can choose its own site and propose a design for a permanent building, a temporary structure, or an intervention into an existing place. Designs should accommodate the size audience the team feels is best for the particular production concept. The team can choose to have the audience sit, stand, walk, or lie down.

The Stories
The submissions are to be based on one of the following four texts. Teams are free to choose a literal reading of the text or to propose to mount a production of an adaptation of the script or a devised work based on the underlying story. Teams can turn a play into an opera, an opera into a dance, etc.

- Macbeth, by William Shakespeare (play)
Otello, by Giuseppe Verdi (opera)
Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett (play)
Antigone, by Sophicles (play)

Team Composition
Teams should be comprised of one or more architecture students enrolled in an accredited architectural college or university program and one or more theatre students (director, dramaturg, actor, writer, or designer) currently enrolled in a college or university theatre program.

The Team can enter as individuals or as part of a structured class. Team members can be at any level in their college or university careers. The students' experience and knowledge of their chosen area of study will be an asset in developing the team's solutions. Upper level and graduate students are encouraged to compete. The adjudicators look forward to seeing all ideas!

- Intent to enter the competition application form is due November 17, 2011. E-mail application form to: Subject line: USITT Competition.
- All completed competition entries must be received by 5 p.m., EST. on January 6, 2012.