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iscrizioni entro 19.02.12 | consegna entro 29.02.12

ArchMedium e Iaac lanciano un concorso rivolto a studenti e giovani progettisti per la progettazione di una rete di punti di ricarica per i veicoli elettrici nella città di Rio.

The contamination of our atmosphere is a problem that affects all countries of the world, without exception, and specially the big cities, due to the high concentration of combustion vehicles that are found in relatively small areas.
Brazil is without doubt one the major emerging countries of the beginning of this century, and it is here to stay! Brazil wants to make things right this time and has developed a very ambitious development plan that will allow the country to keep growing at an incredible fast pace, but also in a way that is sustainable and ecofriendly.  The transformation of Rio has already begun and the city is getting ready to receive millions of visitors that will come to follow the greatest sporting events in the world

The site chosen to develop this Project is located in a privileged spot of Ipanema, one of the most representative and vanguard neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. It is famous for its beaches and seaside promenade, and also for being one the most progressive, open minded areas of the city.
Ipanema is the place to be, and General Osorio being such a strategic point inside the neighborhood, the STC will be placed here aiming to become a hub for the activity that is already happening in the area, also adding the layer of the new electric infrastructure.

STCenters proposes a strong bet for electric cars inside this plan, making them into one of the standard mediums of transportation, as opposed to the luxurious objects that they are usually seen as, and educating the people in terms of sustainability. In order for this to become a successful initiative there is a huge infrastructure that needs to be build first. This is a net of charging points for these vehicles around the metropolitan area of Rio, that will guarantee the effectiveness of electric cars a way of daily transportation. This new infrastructure will need a centralized operations center, from where the whole net of charging points will be controlled and managed. This operations center will be the project that this stcRIO competition will focus on. The overall objective of this initiative is not only to renew the fleet of the city but something much more ambitious; to achieve the total integration of the charging network with the current, and soon to be inaugurated, public transport lines. This will help the people of Rio to move from one part of the city to another quickly, safely and in a much more efficient way than they do today, making use of not one, but the various transport options and combinations that will be at their disposal.

Eligibility This competition is public and open to all undergraduate, graduate, masters, and PhD students, as well as to young professionals with less than 5 years of experience in architecture and other related fields—engineering, urban planning, interior design, industrial design, etc.


  • President of the jury   Sergi Balaguer (Alonso-Balaguer asociados)
  • Local Architect:  Verena Andreatta
  • Especialist in movility:   Manel Herce
  • Urban Planning::  Adolf Sotoca


  • 1800 Euros in cash
  • Publication of the project in the WA magazine and Vitruvius
  • Exposition at IaaC (Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia)

February 19th 2012 Registration period ends
February 29th 2011 Submision deadline

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