A house for a protester

call for entries

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consegna entro il 20 marzo 2012

Icarch Gallery launches a call for entries to imagine a house for a protester. Who, or what, is a protester? Could it be that a protester is, and should remain, anonymous?

For 2011 Time Magazine offered its choice for "the person of the year" to the protester. It is not about a single person, but a multitude, or better a nameless multitude throughout the world has fought for the renovation: "from the arab spring to Athens, from occupy Wall Street to Moscow".

Neither the Egyptian revolution that started in Cairo, nor the Occupy Wall Street movement reached their resolution. They are still in the making, they are still process, they are still longing and fighting for their desiderata. This is why Icarch thinks that the "person of the year" that Time Magazine chose for the year 2011, The Protester, should still be remembered, encouraged.

So the house of a protester is for someone who also knows how to say NO, not just a servile yes. For someone who is not afraid, or better said, who conquers fear in the act of attacking what he / she is afraid of, who tremblingly moves forward, not backwards.

Let us try to imagine a constellation of houses for a protester, in whatever form, wherever, everywhere. Let's celebrate a "new map" of the world, one on which countless houses for a protester give life more substance, more energy, more poetry and more justice.

Any work is accepted, any size and any format. You can situate your house for a protester anywhere in this world, in your hometown, or anywhere else. Let's create, together, a kind of virtual Salon des Independants, in architecture, paralleling the famous French one of the XIXth century. Let's create an archive of Aachitectural protests, as sincere and as intense as they can be.

The works received - evaluated collectively - will be published on website www.icarch.us.

Deadline: March 20th, 2012.

More information: www.icarch.us