ArchTriumph competition

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ArchTriumph lancia contemporaneamente 12 concorsi internazionali di architettura su 12 diversi temi da sviluppare in 12 distinte città: Dubai, Cairo, Parigi, Shanghai, Sidney, Cape Town, Chicago, Maldive, Roma, Rio de Janeiro, Miami e Tokio.

01 _ National Aeronautics & Space Centre Tower (NASC) - DUBAI

in the emirate of Dubai to be used as the mission control tower for space shuttle launches and also other observation and discovery missions.

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02 _ New National Library - CAIRO

that takes into account the recent events of damaged historical manuscripts and maps. The propose design should have technology at its core and how it can be leverage in such a space or environment as a whole.

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03 _ Contemporary Bridge - PARIS over the Seine River.

The new Bridge should create a new Icon or landmark in Paris, considering that there are approximately 37 Bridges over the Seine. The design should take into account the position of the location and the expectation for Iconic bridge in a city like Paris.

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04 _ Ecological Car Park - SHANGHAI

to respond to the chronic shortage of car parking spaces in the city with ecology at its core.

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05 _ Alternative Fashion + Creative Market - SYDNEY

that serves as a platform/showcase for designers from different creative fields. The structures for this new outdoor market should reflect the nature of the vendors and creativity being showcased within it.

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06 _ Commemoration Structure (Nelson Mandela ) - CAPE TOWN

to Honour the Life and work of Mr. Mandela the first fully representative democratic elected President of the country and a living testament to greatness.

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07 _ Contemporary Park Pavilion - CHICAGO

that takes into account today's need for socialising, relaxation, escape, retreat and enjoyment of a high quality space. The design should be visually and aesthetically bold. A piece of interactive shelter form that engages and invites visitors to the park.

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08 _ Eco-Friendly Holiday Lodgings - MALDIVES

that takes into account the today's need for relaxation, escape and retreat from the daily grind of city life to recharge. The Lodgings should create a natural space to appreciate and enjoy nature's luxury living with respect for the environment around it.

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09 _ Fashion Pavilion - ROME

to host a series of fashion shows by individual designers on different nights. It is the creation of a space within an existing space or structure. The design should be approached with sensibility and the take into account environment in which it is to be exist.

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10 _ International Dance School + Creative Arts - RIO DE JANEIRO

serve as a new center of excellence in the filed of dance and performance arts. The academy should be a space that inspires, encourage and enhances learning and experimentation. A unique space and form that is fluid with the capability to seduce and invite those around it.

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11 _ Underwater Fitness + Health Centre - MIAMI

that create a program of intervention and re-defines Health & fitness. It should be one that marries fitness and pleasure and an invitation to nature. In the process. In its core should be an awareness of the surrounding and the role / effect the natural aquatic environment plays on the human well being.

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12 _ Futuristic Cinema - TOKYO

that takes into account today's digital cinema delivery and the future face of cinema. The new Cinema should create a unique cinematic experience through the integration of new technologies with the aim of driving up the number of cinemagoers and re-inventing the cinematic theatre through the provision of a more flexible cinematic space.

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