Luxury housing Development in Costa Brava

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The international online marketplace of construction Buildtonet is lauching the international two-stages architectural design competition Luxury housing Development in Costa Brava.

Architects are invited to submit conceptual design proposal for a new construction project of Luxury Housing development in Costa Brava. The project is for the Russian market.

Kind of project: housing construction, residential complexes.

Competition is open to professionals from all countries without restriction of any kind. Procedures are always in two phases. The first phase where participants present an economical proposal, a brief summary of the project intentions and a portfolio of their best projects, which should be posted on their Buildtonet profile. The second phase is for the 5 selected finalists who will develop a preliminary design for the building.

The winner will obtain a prize of € 9000 plus the commissioning of the project and the construction management. Two additional prizes of 1.000 and 500 € will be awarded to the second and third teams classified.

Stage 1
• Registration deadline/Deadline for 1st phase Questions: Friday, March 15, 2013
• All the grouped replies to 1st phase Questions will be posted before: March 20th, 2013
• Closing date for 1st phase submission: March 22th, 2013

Stage 2
• Deadline for Questions 2nd phase April 12th, 2013
• All the grouped replies to 2nd phase Questions will be posted before April 16th, 2013
• Deadline for bank deposit April 23th, 2013
• Closing date for 2nd phase submission: May 8th, 2013