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Studio©, magazine about the contemporary urban condition, is launching a call for papers on the issue "import - export".

In the contemporary age, in which markets, productions, consumptions, lifestyles and mindsets are connected on a global scale, in a continuous flux of exchanges generating interdependency among them, architecture keeps being contamined by external factors which renovate this discipline's principles.

Studio#05 import-export is set to examine how these two concepts linked to architecture modify the way to conceive, think and project our cities. The spatio-temporal relationship among cultures, nations, habits and experiences has quickly shortened, conditioning and transforming, from ancient times to today, the urban contemporary architectural identity.

The endless dialogue of architecture with other disciplines and the unceasing exchange among different realities has produced an hybrid and heterogeneous urban landscape in which architectural experiences of different sources meet and combine.

If in the past the desire of discovery has started import-export among different cultures, which heritage did we receive? Which kind of interferences and which contaminations? And in the future will an identity still exist or will the labile limit of differencies weaken?

Contributions may be submitted in different forms - essay, photographic essay, illustration, data visualization, case studies and project, interviews, comic strips and even novels -  exploring the issue in any field of desugn: architecture, urbanism, art, photography, graphic design, film, etc...

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