Liget Budapest international design competition

International Design Competition for new museum buildings in Budapest

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The Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and the Városliget Zrt. 100 % owned by the Hungarian State hereby announce an open, international, two-stage design competition for the design of museum buildings within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project on the territory of the City Park Budapest.

The construction of the new buildings, the complete renewal of the green area of the City Park, and the renovation of the institutions already present Liget Budapest will be one of Budapest's leading, well-known tourist and cultural destinations and a unique family park recognised as such all over Europe.

This document is the competition programme of four parallel, but independent design competitions with similar conditions and the aim of producing a total of five building concepts. Each may submit only one entry to any of the four, simultaneously announced, two-stage international design competitions. It is however possible to take part in several competitions at the same time, but separate, individual competition entries with different identification code must be submitted to each competition.

The four competitions are listed below.

1. New shared building of the new national gallery and ludwig museum - museum of contemporary art

2. New building of the museum of ethnography

3. New building complex of the hungarian museum of architecture and the fotomuzeum, consisting of two separate buildings

4. New building of the house of hungarian music

The language of the competition is exclusively English, including the published documentations, the questions, the answers and all elements of the entries to be submitted.

Prize - Stage II

New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum - Contemporary Art Museum
- 1st prize - 65 000 eur
- 2nd prize - 35 000 eur
- 3rd prize - 25 000 eur

Museum of Etnography
- 1st prize - 50 000 eur
- 2nd prize - 25 000 eur
- 3rd prize - 20 000 eur

Hungarian Museum of Architecture and Fotomuzeum Budapest
- 1st prize - 50 000 eur
- 2nd prize - 25 000 eur
- 3rd prize - 20 000 eur

House of Hungarian Music
- 1st prize - 40 000 eur
- 2nd prize - 20 000 eur
- 3rd rpize - 15 000 eur

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