Good for Berlin / Gut für Berlin

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consegna entro il 21 maggio 2014

Berliner Sparkasse wants to follow new paths and is looking for exceptional ideas that are good for Berlin. They want to bring life to their claim "Gut für Berlin." (Good for Berlin) and make it visible. Instead of simply spending a big budget on classic advertising, Berliner Sparkasse has decided that it would rather support meaningful ideas for Berlin.

Your task

Create outstanding ideas that are good for Berlin (Gut für Berlin.)! Meaningful and visible, purposeful and feasible. Your idea should reach as many people as possible, make Berliner Sparkasse visible in the city and should have a long impact.

Your chance

This is your chance to develop good ideas for Germany's capital and be part of a positive development.


  • 2.000€ (incl. licensing fee) Most original idea
    For the most unconventional or humerous and idea.
  • 2.000€ (incl. licensing fee) Most effective idea
    For the idea that reached the most people using the least resources.

Furthermore the employees of the Berliner Sparkasse vote on a special prize:

  • 2.000€ (incl. licensing fee) Staff Favorite.
    For the idea that the employees of the Berliner Sparkasse can most identify with.

Additionally there are community awards totalling 10.000€.

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