Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2015

concorso di lighting design

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candidature entro il 31 gennaio 2015

L'azienda di illuminotecnica Lamp Lighting lancia un concorso per premiare progetti di lighting design realizzati tra il 1° gennaio 2013 ed il 31 dicembre 2014. Possono partecipare progettisti della luce, architetti, urbanisti, progettisti d'interni, ingegneri, paesaggisti ed anche studenti. Non ci sono limiti di età, né di nazionalità.

Lighting designer, architect, urban planner, interior designer, engineer, landscaper or student, who are authors of a lighting project. are encouraged to participate on the Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2015. There are no restrictions on age, nationality or place of residence.

Can partecipate all types of architectural lighting projects whose building works have been finished between 01.01.13 and 31.12.14; regardless of the manufacturer or the brand of lights used in the project. Each contestant can participate in all the categories, with a maximum of 2 projects per category.

Architectural outdoor lighting: lighting projects for outdoor illumination such as: facades, sport facilities, monuments, canopies, etc.
Indoor lighting: lighting projects for indoor illumination such as: shops, restaurants, museums, exhibition halls, single buildings, offices, etc.
Urban and landscape lighting: lighting projects for urban illumination such as: squares, roundabouts, avenues, streets, parks, bridges, etc.

Students proposals: this year's theme is "Light and darkness"; lighting projects, both indoor and outdoor, in which not only light but also shadow and darkness play a key role in defining form and space, revealing the surface and texture and in creating ambience and character: urban areas, landscapes, cathedrals, churches, transport interchanges, airports, hotels, shops, restaurants, etc. Only idea-based projects will be accepted.

Contestants must submit their projects, prior registration, between 15.09.14 and 31.01.15.

The jury will determine 1 winner per category with a total economic reward of 26.000 €

Architectural Outdoor Lighting Award: 8.000 €
Indoor Lighting Award: 8.000 €
Urban and Landscape Lighting Award: 8.000 €
Students Proposals Award: 2.000 €

The jury's verdict will be announced at a special evening event in Barcelona during the month of June 2015. The award cannot be declared void or granted "ex aequo".