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La piattaforma on line Ctrl+Space lancia un nuovo concorso di idee finalizzato alla selezione delle migliori proposte relative ad uno spazio pubblico sul lungo fiume di Porto in Portogallo.

Ctrl+Space, an online platform, has launched a single stage ideas competition with the aim of identifying the best proposal of a Public Space in the riverfront of Porto, Portugal.

URBAN pools were popular in the bigger cities of Europe and North America in the 19th and 20th Century. Some of these were floating bathhouses that allowed for safe swimming and bathing closer to the city where beaches were at a great distance. Some of these river pools in Switzerland are still active today.

The water quality improvement in urban rivers is renewing the interest in this typology, as is noticeable in the Scandinavian countries with recent projects of urban baths in Copenhagen and Oslo. In Porto, during the summer months, there is already the local habit of diving into the river, in the upstream fluvial beaches or, for the daredevils, from the lower platform of the Luis I Bridge.

The river water presents still a high degree of pollution, but the image of people swimming in the Douro River could be a testament to future developments of its water quality. This sector of the city of Porto has very good conditions to enjoy sun and water in an urban context. The questions raised are of how can this location be revitalized into a place for living and recreation? How can we make this a year round activity attractor? How can this be an instrument of education of the general public to the importance of the preservation of water quality?

Here is presented an opportunity to test a different approach on how the city, through its public space could reconnect with the River. Due to the seasonality of the swimming pools program, we suggest flexibility to the program that would enable to cope with the winter months with a similar degree of activities. We intend an exciting and innovative structure that provides a safe area for swimming in the Douro River for people of all ages. It should promote new uses, a better awareness of the river and generate spontaneous activities at the edge of the water.

A total fund of 5000 € in prize money will be awarded to winning entries and awards of merit. 
First Prize: 3500€ / Second Prize: 1000€ / Third Prize: 500€.
5 awards of merit, with no monetary prize.

Competition timeline

Oct. 5th - Final date for project submission (until 23:59 GMT)

Oct. 17th - Nov. 26th - First Stage Registration - 40€* 
Nov. 27th - Jan. 16th - Second Stage Registration - 60€*
Jan. 17th - Feb. 1st - Final Stage Registration - 90€*

*VAT (23%) not included.

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