Filling Station(s) - Rethinking refueling

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This is a competition about rethinking the filling station: as the automobile became a highly celebrated and desired part of western society during the first half of the 20th century, the filling station followed closely behind as the architectural counterpart of this new phenomenon that was changing the world.

However, as car ownership exploded around the world, the novelty started to wear off, and filling stations were soon regarded as a source of income rather than the celebration of a bright future. The fall from grace was further solidified when it became clear just how much of a negative impact the car had on the environment.

Since then, the filling stationhas been a neglected, yet ubiquitous part of our world. Still, as long as people travel the roads, filling stations will be needed to provide people as well as vehicles with fuel and assistance.

From the 30's through to the 60's, influential architects like Arne Jacobsen, Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe all designed filling stations. But as motoring became the norm, quantity prevailed over quality, and when you pass a filling station today chances are the oil company logo has a bigger impact than the architecture.

Is there an ideal contemporary filling station, and can it be designed to last both functionally and aesthetically?

The competition is open to all individuals and groups interested in any of the creative disciplines spanning from graphic design to urban design, and everything in between. Students and professionals are equally welcome. Each submission can be created by an individual, or by a team of 2-4 participants.

- 1st prize: £1,200 (one thousand two hundred British pounds)
- 2nd prize: £600 (six hundred British pounds)
- 3rd prize: £200 (two hundred British pounds)

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