European Award for Ecological Gardening

Premio di giardinaggio ecologico

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candidature entro il 1° giugno 2015

Karin Standler Landscape lancia la seconda edizione del "Premio europeo per il Giardinaggio ecologico", per dare riconoscimento a progetti innovativi in Europa, ideati nel rispetto della natura, coltivati in modo ecologico, che incorporano aspetti sociali ed economici e che contribuiscono a sensibilizzare l'opinione pubblica sul giardinaggio ecologico.

Karin Standler Landscape has launched the second edition of  "European Award for Ecological Gardening", for innovative projects in Europe that are designed with a focus on nature, are ecologically maintained, that incorporate social and economic aspects as well as contribute to public awareness of ecological gardening will be honoured.

The award "European Award for Ecological Gardening" which recognizes outstanding environmental achievements will be awarded by the initiative "Natur im Garten" represented by the Federal Province of Lower Austria in conjunction with the European Garden Association.

The competition is open throughout Europe, the award being aimed at gardeners, garden owners, planners, municipalities & local authorities, teams & individuals, as well as their organisations, such as educational institutions, networks and associations from all European nations.

The prize money will be total € 6.000
• 1st prize: € 3.000,
• 2nd prize: € 2.000,
• 3rd prize: € 1.000.

Project entries for the award can be submitted until 1st June 2015.

The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, 10th October 2015 at 4.00 pm in Tulln, Lower Austria. On the day of the ceremony there is a symposium called "Gardens of the future - New garden spaces in Europe".

More information about the competition submission and registration: