Uno spazio attrattivo per la comunità nel distretto Ørestad di Copenaghen

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invio proposte entro il 15 giugno 2015

Il Ministero danese Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs, la Ørestad City Homeowners' Association, e il City & Port Development lanciano un concorso per trasformare un'area pubblica del distretto di Ørestad a Copenaghen in un luogo di aggregazione per la cittadinanza. Lo scopo del concorso è realizzare una o più idee vincitrici.

Ørestad City Homeowners' Association, City & Port Development and the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs invite proposals in an open competition for the transformation of the area by Ørestad library and Ørestad school, with the possibility for subsequent realisation. Solutions are wanted for the area that will help allow the site to flourish and spur new communities for the benefit of all.

Many different people pass through the area in front of the library each day - students on their way to or from school or high school, visitors to the library, residents on their way to the metro or their homes and employees on their way to offices along Sivegaden. In other words, there is potential here to create a place where many different types of people come together and spend time (see brief on composition of residents, under Inspiration).

The competition calls for creative and surprising proposals for the design of the area, which can help create incentive to spend time there and promote encounters between different people. The site should ideally support cultural life in Ørestad and create an open platform for events. The competition organisers expect to realise one or more winner projects.

Your proposal should be illustrated clearly and simply through photos or drawings. In addition to image material, you should describe in max. 200 words how your idea deals with the competition's challenges, taking basis in four the principles.


1st prize: DKK 15,000 with subsequent possibility for realisation of the proposal.
2nd prize: DKK 7,500
3rd prize: DKK 5,000

Upload the proposals ahead of time to receive feedback and the opportunity to improve them - or assist others with inspiration and knowledge.