Il Belgio cerca idee all'avanguardia per un bar nella Biennale "Interieur 2016"

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scadenza 30 gennaio 2016

Progettare un bar-ristorante all'avanguardia in grado di suscitare emozioni e di incantare i visitatori e gli espositori della storica Biennale Interieur, che si terrà a Kortrijk, in Belgio, ad ottobre 2016. È questo l'oggetto di un concorso internazionale lanciato dall'organizzazione non profit Biennale Interieur.

To create a cutting-edge bar and restaurant concept for the biennale Interieur 2016 is the object of an design competition launched by the not-for-profit Biennale Interieur, taking place in Kortrijk, Belgium. The Biennale Interieur is a leading biannual international design event with a unique hybrid mix of commerce and culture.

Interieur Awards during Biennale INTERIEUR 2014 from Biennale Interieur on Vimeo.

The challenge is to imagine and develop a cutting-edge concept for a bar that will surprise and enchant visitors and exhibitors at the Biennale Interieur 2016. First of all, the bar is a place designed to meet colleagues and friends, also functioning as an all-day location for serving and consuming quality food and drinks.

The jury will be on the lookout especially for proposals showing a clear concept which creates a harmony between emotion and aesthetics, as well as taking into consideration practical issues. The 2016 edition has a particular focus on the menu and food design you propose and potential links with food design and chefs.

Proposals need to include an accurate budget estimation that is a reality check and proves feasibility. The production budget of the space is limited to 10,000 euro excl. VAT.

The jury will select five successful participants. The prize awarded to these winners consists of the realisation of their selected bar space concept (value €10,000 per winner, a total of €50,000) alongside prominent exposure to the 90,000-strong visiting audience during the Biennale INTERIEUR 2016.

Registration deadline 30 January 2016