Infrastrutture per le spiagge del XXI secolo. La città belga di Ostend cerca idee innovative

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candidature entro il 29 gennaio 2016

La città belga di Ostend lancia un concorso internazionale per giovani professionisti e studi che operano nel campo dell'architettura e della progettazione urbana per dar vita ad infrastrutture innovative che possano rendere fruibili le spiagge anche nelle stagioni non turistiche.

City of Ostend (Belgium), in close collaboration with Agentschap voor Maritieme Dienstverlening en Kust (MDK) of the Flemish government, announces an international design competition.

This design competition sets out in search of an innovative type of infrastructure and an image quality to enhance the beach experience in the 21st century, outside of the classical tourism season. The design competition specifically looks for a way to enrich the beach experience outside of the summer season. During the fall and winter months, the seafront promenade is quickly lost to the apartment buildings' shadows. A new walkway on the beach could give residents and visitors the chance to enjoy the Ostend coastline during the fall and winter months.

Enjoy the mild winter sun, the salty sea air, the sound of the waves with your family. The design competition aims to develop both a visual language and strategies to allow these restaurant and facility infrastructures to make a contribution to the image quality of the historically renowned Ostend seafront. In addition, this beach walkway could grow into a striking bit of (landscape) architecture, allowing the walkway to develop into a tourist attraction in its own right.

The design competition in Ostend is aimed at young professionals and innovative design practices within the field of (landscape) architecture and urban design. This includes architects, urban planners, landscape architects, construction engineers, sociologists, communication experts, ... Each team may have a multidisciplinary makeup, but must have at least one certified architect. A multidisciplinary composition of a team and support from a construction engineer are encouraged.

Phase 1: Team selection. A committee of experts with representatives from the City of Ostend and MDK, including members of the jury, study the candidates and select 5 teams for phase 2.

Phase 2: Design workshop. During the course of a week, the five teams are invited to participate in a design workshop in Ostend to develop their ideas, in interaction with local partners and coaches.

Each of the 5 selected teams will receive a fee of 3,500 € incl. VAT to participate in the workshop and travel expenses will be compensated to a sum of 1,500€ incl. VAT. Free lodging is provided by the city of Ostend during the workshop week.

The winning team shall be selected as special advisors to the city of Ostend up to a value of 40,000 € incl. VAT in order to develop projects to enhance the image quality of the coast experience.

29 January 2016: deadline for the reception of all applications (A3, digital) via e-mail and preselection by technical committee.