Desita Gelato Award 2016

concorso di design per under 35

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consegna entro il 30 aprile 2016

Concorso internazionale di design sul tema della gelateria. I progettisti  dovranno sviluppare concetti innovativi di ri-progettazione per migliorare la "gelato shop experience" da parte dei clienti o creare oggetti per le operazioni del personale.

The Award focus is to prize new, innovative and good design in the gelato shop world, from equipment and tools to product/interaction design.

The contest offer a real opportunity to talented designers to create a path "from idea to market".
The mission is to develop innovative concepts to re-design or enhance the "Gelato Experience". Themes are deliberately boundary-free to allow designers to explore the relationship between design and tools usability, technologies and functionality, systems or control interfaces.

Contest categories

  • New tools and devices: design or re-design of objects/accessories, manual or electronic, used individually or collectively, which can for example improve the functionality, the consumption, the delivery or the "gelato experience" by customers; or can enhance the staff operations.
  • Product/Interaction Design: accessories, sensor-equipped furniture or otherwise connected to electronic devices (internet-based applcations), used by customers and/or operators

All projects have to be green, with special attention to production cost. Design projects must be original, that means they never have to been published and must not infringe any intellectual property rights upon original works of authorship.

TARGET designers, students and professionals under 35.

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