#010 What's Up Paris? Un concorso per creare uno spazio dove ritrovarsi senza l'uso dei cellulari

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consegna entro il 22 dicembre 2016

reTH!NKING competitions indice un concorso di architettura con il quale invita a progettare uno spazio nel Campo di Marte di Parigi dove il ritmo incalzante della città possa sembrare lontano.

Un luogo per ritornare a chiacchierare bevendo un caffè, suonare la chitarra o fare un pic-nic improvvisato, senza essere interrotti  da suoni, vibrazioni o sguardi costanti sui telefoni cellulari. Uno spazio in cui c'è l'architettura, ma soprattutto ci sono risate, divertimento, passione. C'è vita.

Possono partecipare studenti e architetti, individualmente o in gruppo (massimo 8 persone).

Al vincitore un premio di 1.500,00 euro

The reTH!NKING competitions team is delighted to introduce the new competition What's Up Paris? and invites you to rethink what is necessary to create an atmosphere where technology should not have any role where the talks "face to face" are the predominant element, where we can relax listening to a musician playing the guitar, having a coffee or making an improvised picnic.

Imagine a space without mobile phones. HAVE FUN and project freely.

A city like Paris is intense, full of tourists, workers, cars ... is a place in constant motion, with changes of atmosphere, with people walking and taking pictures. It is the perfect city for having a coffee and watch people go by, watch tourists spellbound with its architecture, businessmen who run to take the subway or Parisians who simply walk their city. The terraces of Paris never give back to the city, they face it. But now we are the ones who turn our backs to what happens around us. A cup of coffee and good company are more than enough to enjoy an afternoon in a beautiful city. The hustle of work, traffic, general stress us away from the simplicity of the past.


All students and architects or related professions anywhere in the world can participate in the contest. Participation can be individual or in groups, being eight (8) the maximum number of members. Team members can be from all disciplines (artists, philosophers, photographers, etc.), without being necessary, although advisable, the presence of an architect or architecture student. It is allowed that members are from different universities and countries.


Isabel Suraña y José Suraña (Suraña arquitectos) Eduardo Mayoral González (EDDEA) Sigifredo Gómez Lemos (Guerin et Pedroza Architectes) Francisco González de Canales (GSD Harvard University & ETSAS)


- OCTOBER 12th 2016 Early Registration starts
- NOVEMBER 16th 2016  Early Registration Ends
- NOVEMBER 17th 2016 Regular Registration starts
- DECEMBER 9th 2016 Regular Registration ends
- DECEMBER 10th 2016 Late Registration starts
- DECEMBER 22nd 2016 Late Registration ends y FAQ
- DECEMBER 22nd 2016 20:00 h GMT + 1:00 Submission deadline
- DECEMBER 22nd 2016 / JANUARY 15th 2017 Proposal evaluation
- JANUARY 15th 2017  Winners Announcements


Inscription periods will depend on the competition publication and will be divided as follows:

  • Early 30 € + IVA 21%
  • Regular 50 € + IVA 21%
  • Advanced 70 € + IVA 21%


Partecipant must submit their projects in anonymous form (using the code obtained during registration) no later than November 2nd 2016


  • First prize 1.500 €
  • 3 x accésits x 500 € 
  • 10 Honorable Mention

- Magazine publications
- Blogs/architecture webs publications
- reTHINKING official publiction


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