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iscrizione entro 18/03/2005

The purpose of this competition is to gather ideas for a research and conference center, extending and elaborating the core of the graduate program at The Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University.

ICAR seeks to develop theory, practice, and research to address and resolve protracted identity-based conflicts.

All activities at Point of View will be expected to contribute to the development of the field of conflict analysis and resolution, and in the process, provide a context and services, which support the resolution of deeply rooted conflicts.

The design challenges include: (1) working with the existing site, environment and context to create opportunities for a research training facility,  (2) develop unique spaces that accommodate the unique activities of this facility and  (3) provide environmental stimulation to facilitate real-time conflict resolution.

More informacion http://pointofview.gmu.edu/index.php