Peepshow Pavilion. TRUTH & LIES

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scadenza 25/08/2006


The 2006 festival theme of TRUTH & LIES will provide viewers and participants with a forum for critical discourse surrounding ideas of replication, illusion and fiction.

he opposing concepts of TRUTH and LIES invite a redefinition of how art, design, and architecture reside within personal dialogue. "TRUTH" and "LIES" are concepts, conditions, which express a clear and undeniable relationship with their context. It is an intriguing theme through which to explore art and design. Opinion, individual perspective, and intention can be reexamined through values of fiction, interpretation, and clarity of concept.

The challenge of PEEPSHOW 2006 is to address the idea of TRUTH & LIES through the design of the sixth pavilion to be constructed along Stephen Avenue Mall in Calgary. To revisit how art relates to urban space as a display of undeniable truth, or an individual perspective intended to challenge accepted truths. How the pavilion negotiates a spatial relationship with the viewer – either to create empathy or debate between the viewer and the artwork. These potentials and fundamental design issues are brought to the forefront of the discussion in the PEEPSHOW 2006 theme of TRUTH & LIES.  

FUNCTION Pavilions must be designed to present visual art in a way that is beneficial both for the viewer and the art. Entrants must also consider that the pavilion's purpose is to display art in an innovative manner, but not necessarily be the art piece itself. Art may be viewed either from inside or outside the pavilion. Pavilions may be designed for a particular art form (i.e. video, sculpture, performance, painting, etc.) or to exhibit a variety of art forms. The method of displaying art should be clearly defined and illustrated in your proposal.  


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