07 Skyscraper

concorso internazionale di architettura

iscrizione entro 8/01/2007

After the great success of the last year competition, eVolo Architecture presents the international architecture competition: 07 SKYSCRAPER. This year competition will close the skyscraper series which main goal is to shape the future of this fascinating architectural genre. Architects, designers, and engineers from around the world are encouraged to take part in this new challenge.

eVolo Architecture makes an invitation to the participants to explore, rethink, speculate, and experiment on new ideas that would change the conception and redefine the term skyscraper. A journey into the unknown that defies the logic of the present, formulates new questions, and perhaps gives the society a new type of building. A building for the next generation, for the new type of living that allows new potentials and perceptions. The project should also investigate on the urban and private space as well as the definition of new programs for a vertical structure. The competition does not have any restrictions on size, program, site or shape.

Registration: All students, architects, engineers, and designers are invited to participate.


Info: http://evolo-arch.com/

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