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scadenza 04/07/2007

Cities are our shelters
They symbolize hope on a better quality of life and opportunities

The objective with this competition is to promote a reflection on the city, its physical and social territory concerning the problems of social exclusion, specially associated with migration issues.

Therefore, this competition of ideas has as object of study/intervention, our own city, Oporto, represented by four places:

  • 1- Blocks behind S. Bento Train Station;
  • 2- Viela do Anjo;
  • 3- Urban void near Casa da Música;
  • 4- Rotunda da Areosa.

Our aim is to encourage participants to propose ideas and concepts for an intervention (temporary or not) on one (or all) of the suggested places bearing in mind a critical reflection on the issues mentioned above.

The proposal must also seek raising awareness and reclaiming social integration, in order to develop a more democratic territory and a more active role of each individual in the community.


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