Wellesley Road and Park Lane, Croydon

international urban design competition

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candidature entro 1° dicembre 2008

The London Borough of Croydon’s aim in holding this design competition is to appoint a design team to develop a detailed brief for the regeneration of Wellesley Road and Park Lane, in consultation with the Borough and the other partners in the project. The design competition and the subsequent negotiation procedure will be iterative processes, involving each design team, the London Borough of Croydon and its partners. Entrants must be aware that their design must accord with the Third City Vision and Local Development Framework.

The aspiration is to reduce the severance effect of the road by replacing the current subways with atgrade pedestrian crossings, possibly filling-in the existing underpass. This will provide a more generous, well designed and high quality pedestrian environment, rationalise the traffic and public transport arrangements and open up the possibility of introducing new uses, activity and movement along the length of the road.

The competition will consist of two stages.

Stage 1 will be a prequalification stage, the requirements of which are set out at Stage 1 - Expression of Interest and Prequalification Questionnaire, concluding with a maximum shortlist of 4 being invited to take part in the design competition.

Stage 2 will be the design competition itself. The short-listed design practices will receive a Stage 2 design brief setting out the requirements for the design concepts to be submitted by each of the practices.

Further information and Pre-Qualification Questionnaire available at: www.croydon.gov.uk/wellesleyroadandparklane and www.croydonthirdcity.co.uk