Seoul Design Olympiad 2009

Seoul Design Competition

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The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosts the "Seoul Design Competition 2009" as a major event of the Seoul Design Olympiad 2009, a comprehensive design festival.

The Seoul Design Competition provides an opportunity for everyone to compete with their original ideas, aiming to discover eco-friendly, future-oriented, and creative design solutions to make a better life for people in Seoul.

Theme: Interflow and Consilience

Breaking away from a disciplinary boundary, it welcomes innovative ideas conceived from multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural backgrounds and between different industries, as well as encourages interflow, fusion and consilience in producing and manufacturing processes, aiming to discover a new promising potential and create inventive ideas.

- Interflow: To flow into each other
- Consilience: The unity of knowledge
- Fusion: The merging of different elements into a union


low Carbon. Eco - friendliness. Natural Energy

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