Silent borders

international architecture workshop

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iscrizioni entro 31 maggio 2010

WHAT: A Workshop of Experimental Architecture on the urban border-conditions.

WHERE: Johannesburg SA

WHEN: Aug 23 - Sept 10 2010

WHO: RIEA ch (Research Institute for Experimental Architecture)

Designing systems for border-and edge conditions, interconnecting the Social, Political, Technological, Economical, and Cultural Silent borders will take the emerging megacity of Johannesburg as a case study to investigate the spatial and mental borderlines generated by diverse social, economic, cultural and technological conditions that meet, mix and clash within the city. Building upon the wake of the 2010 soccer world cup in South Africa, Silent Borders contextualizes the impact of global events on the premises of urban construction. The spine of silent borders is the newly established Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT). The transportation network bridges the disconnected zones and acts as an instrument of . The BRT will serve as a macro system for the workshop, thus be utilized for catalyzing architectural and urban interventions.

Participants (max. 30) Students and professionals in the fields of Architecture , Project Management, Sociology, Economy, Communications and System Theory.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2010

Costs Participation fee for the workshop is 450 Euro. Living accomodations and travel costs are not included in the fee. A list of inexpensive lodgings will be provided.

Application guidelines see