young architect or interior based in New York

azienda/studio: italo meda

codice n° 14282
1725 data inserzione 13.03.2017 10:37 - scadenza 11.06.2017
qualifiche richieste
rapporto di lavoro
non specificato
orario di lavoro
luogo di lavoro
esperienza richiesta
2 anni
titolo di studio
non specificato
1000-2000 euro mensili
New York
testo dell'inserzione
An Italian company that designs and manufactures showcases, displays and furniture for retail (high fashion and luxury, but not exclusively) for both Italian and international clients is looking for a young italian architect or interior based in New York with previous experience of 2-3 years in the technical commercial area, preferably in this sector.
The person will be required to maintain relations with local customers and especially with potential clients either through computer tools (mail, power point presentations, etc.) and through telephone contact and/or personally. We therefore require that the candidate has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and an interest in commercial business relations.
Knowledge of the most popular design programmes and regularly used computer programmes (excel, word, power-point, internet and e-mail) complete the profile of the ideal candidate for this position.
The international orientation of the company requires that in addition to the English language the candidate also has working knowledge of a second European language (Spanish, French, German, Italian). The salary shall be defined at the end of interviews and discussions.
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