Marriott Restaurant Transformer

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consegna entro l'11 ottobre 2011

Marriott International challenges you to design a multi personality restaurant. A restaurant so dramatically transformable that someone who dines for breakfast might not even realize they're in the same place for dinner.

Marriott International wants designers to re-imagine what a hotel restaurant concept could look like. They want to break through traditional approaches and introduce a highly dynamic design that can physically transform within a single restaurant space. This means going beyond the typical transition cues that are commonly used like uniforms, light dimming, and table settings, but rather coming up with concepts that either transform the whole space or create distinctive areas that house micro concepts or distinct zones within the bigger space.

Their target's perspective is also that the restaurant experience should feel like an event and not just a simple meal transaction. A restaurant recommendation is a strong reflection of their personal taste and image, so stepping into a restaurant that offers not only amazing food, but an equally amazing atmosphere and experience, is of critical importance.

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