Un luogo per la contemplazione della natura sul Pulpit Rock

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Progettare un'area per la contemplazione della natura, dotata di servizi e ristorante, in cima alla falesia di granito a strapiombo sul fiordo norvegese di Lysefjorden (fiordo della luce) nei pressi del villaggio di Forsand. È l'oggetto del concorso lanciato dal team di reTHINKing.

The reTHINKing team lauches the international design competition Viewpoint in Pulpit Rock.

Nature is complex, full of variations and micro-processes where each interconnection produces a unique and unforgettable landscape. This complexity results in frailty as you act on it, because the slightest change can occur from radical improvement in its operation or to destruction, losing this uniqueness.

Now, how can architecture deal with this problem? What is the basis for architecture? Viewpoint in the Pulpit Rock competition seeks a concept: Balance. But what is the line which splits apart the superfluous and the necessary? That is what the contestant must investigate.

When we talk about landscape, we instinctively think of the beauty of a natural place. In many cases the term is related to its representation in a painting or a photograph. The proposal of the contest is to integrate the landscape with the architectural object. A place of contemplation of nature, where height is achieved without urban mechanisms and the limit becomes the key element of the enclave. 

All students and architects or related professions anywhere in the world can participate in the contest.


The chosen location is Pulpit Rock, located at 600 meters above Lysefjorden, one of the most amazing places in Northern Europe. Not recommended for people with vertigo, it is a natural area of contemplation with about 25x25 meters.

It is located on a ledge on the Lysefjord (Fjord of light). The fjord was carved by the action of glaciers in the Ice Age and was flooded by the sea when the last glaciers retreated. Today it is a tourist place where cruises along the water is a constant.

The Pulpit Rock receives about 80,000 visitors a year and the number is increasing rapidly, making it necessary to have greater control and access areas. Every year geologists measure the surface and does not vary, but from the geological point of view, the pulpit will one day give way and fall to the fjord.


The proposed program comprises the following areas:

  • Area of contemplation or pointview, where the main character is nature. It can be one space or to be sparsed, it can also can consider accessibility, tours, consolidation or modification of the existing, including its variability over time.
  • A small space of about 50 square meters in area: supplies, room and restaurant and toilets.


  • First prize 3000 €
  • Second prize 1000 €
  • Third prize 500 €

10 Honorable Mentions Annual: suscription to Tectonica Online; exhibition in Madariaga Foundation in Seville (Spain); publications in magazines and blogs; official reTHINKING publication.

Info and rulesrethinkingcompetitions.com/competitions