Tirana Faith Park: spazi urbani ispirati all'armonia tra religioni

International landscape design competition

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candidature entro il 6 novembre | consegna 21 dicembre 2015

Atelier Albania, su richiesta del Comune di Tirana, del Ministero per lo Sviluppo urbano, del Ministero della Cultura e per conto dell'Ufficio del Primo ministro, lancia un concorso internazionale di progettazione paesaggistica invitando architetti e paesaggisti a proporre interventi sul viale "Martyrs of the Nation"  a Tirana, ispirati all'armonia tra religioni. L'obiettivo è migliorare la qualità dello spazio pubblico.

Atelier Albania, at the request of the Municipality of Tirana, Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Culture and mandated by the Office of the Prime Minister, announces an international landscape design competition, inspired by the most noble value of religious harmony that Albanians share with each other and the world, focused on the open spaces along Boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation" and main public spaces of the capital city, Tirana.

The Boulevard encompasses potential sites that may accommodate series of landscape interventions inspired by the holy books, but not only. The main purpose of this competition is to receive design proposals that will transform the linear open spaces of the boulevard, as well as other pockets of green spaces into landscape representations of the noblest cultural values that Albanians share through faith that is not only related to religious harmony, but harmony in general, as well. This is a unique opportunity to improve the city central public spaces through landscape design actions that seek spiritual comfort and contemplation.

The product of the competition will be the Landscape Design for "Tirana Park of Faith", located on the given sites along the boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation", as well as other potential pockets of public space throughout the city. This competition is looking for a genuine landscape strategy that will improve the physical and aesthetic qualities of public spaces as well as provide a contemplation linear park of many pockets. This strategy should provide an inviting space of wonder that communicates the message of peace and dialogue.

The competition will end with the selection of proposal evaluated as the best. The winning team will be able to engage in the post-competition process. The winning team will be engaged in the next phase, which consists in the preparation of execution design based on the winning proposal, according to the procedures specified in the STD.

The competition winner will receive a cash prize of 30,000 Euro.

Phase 1 - deadline: 06 november, 10.00 (local time)
Phase 2 - deadline: 21 december, 18.00 (local time)

Details and briefcompetitions.planifikimi.gov.al/faithpark/