Architecture and renewable energy sources

concorso internazionale di idee

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iscrizioni entro 31/01/2007


The Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) and the UIA Work Programme on architecture and renewable energy sources (ARES) announce the launch of an international ideas competition that invites architects to develop new construction methods and practices for efficient shells and settlement units that will satisfy the urgent housing needs engendered by different geographic, topographic, ecological, social, or political crises.


Architects from around the world are invited to submit viable solutions for inhabitants that can be set up quickly and economically, and respect the environment and natural resources


The goal of the competition is to collect innovative ideas and examples of bioclimatic shelter typologies that utilize renewable energy sources and can be exploited in different locations, climates, and cultures. Propositions should seek to generate, on the short and medium term, a vast urban and social restructuring.


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