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consegna entro 13 aprile 2009

Three unrelated, but happy events - our first 'local' contest has been launched in Amsterdam, Holland; while for the global contest the Italian national commission for UNESCO decided to a special commendation and the deadline has been extended until the 10th of April.

For the first time we're combining all Good 50x70's activities into one project - working with local charities, designers, schools to produce posters that will be displayed around Amsterdam and collected in a book that will published globally. As an extra incentive to enter, the creators of the 'winning' posters will work with a member of our jury of leading Dutch designers (including creatives from KesselsKramer, Only, Gorilla and ...,staat) to produce the final poster.

The Amsterdam contest is open to everyone, irrespective of location, and entries are welcomes until Midnight on Monday the 13th of April. 

The Italian national commission for UNESCO, who has endorsed the last two editions of Good 50x70, has graciously decided to award a special commendation to one of the 210 shortlisted posters from this year's contest. This commendation will celebrate the effort of design students and professionals in pushing the boundaries of social communication with effective and hard-hitting ideas.

There's still an opportunity to participate as the deadline of the global contest has been extended until Midnight on the 10th of April to give participants extra time to submit their entries.

The briefs are available, in Dutch and English, to download at