Application - open to-work -Newly graduated Seeking for a job opportunity

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Application - open to-work -Newly graduated Seeking for a job opportunity

Dear Team,

My name is Sowmya Baskaran, and I am writing to apply for the position of Junior Architect. A newly graduated candidate from Universita Iuav di Venezia, Italy - Masters in Architecture for two years. Following, which I pursued five years of Bachelor degree in Architecture from Davinci school of design and Architecture from India. Also obtained A1-level of Italian language during my university study.

In between I also acquired a Diploma in Fashion designing from DSOFT academy from India, this was one of my passions to study. During my masters I achieved doing internship for three months at Giorgio Pettenò Architetti - Venice Which is based on Urban Design, Architectural Design, Sustainable Design, and Interior Design. In my past bachelor journey completed doing three months of internship at Rajendran Associates in India, secondly, worked under urban design, landscape, and Interior Design - Pithavadian & Partners- India for six months.

With more one year of experience in architectural design and drawing, particularly on doing furniture mill and working drawings assigned as Junior architect- Interior desi at Shilpa architects planner’s designers. Gained one year experience as junior architect as urban and landscape. I am proficient in the use of Auto CAD suites, Illustrator, SketchUp, InDesign, Photoshop, Lumion and Vary.

Although all my projects are dear to me. I am particularly proud to have contributed to the old Arsenale Restoration Project. Where I was doing a whole study to build an exhibition for Ezra pound. Enjoyed doing my thesis project based on Dancing Architecture by building a school in my born county. On the other hand, also worked on La-Alhambra project for garden landscape for the existing conditions. During my professional experienced worded under many interior and urban design drawings from initial stage to final ending on various projects. Also based on wide-ranging experience pf a complex, from large-scale architectural project has accelerated my learning – not only management.

I also have some on site field experience at my professional work experience, having accompanied and assisted senior architects during on-site inspections and quality drawings checks. While field visits can be hard work, I personally welcome them as a break from sedentary office environment.

Since graduation, I have engaged learning my best to improve my soft skills. To face new challenges in my upcoming professional experience field.

I am keen to discuss how I can add value to your firm and address questions you may have about me and my portfolio and an in-person interview.


Sowmya Baskaran

Contact: +39-3311265254

E-mail: email / email
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