Gateway goes for Guild Social Housing, Preston

international open ideas competition

scadenza 21 ottobre 2009

Community Gateway Association is celebrating Preston Guild 2012 with a competition to design an exciting social housing scheme in the city centre.

Architects are invited to develop innovative design proposals for a social housing development in the centre of Preston, where people will aspire to live. The winning scheme, with an emphasis on design quality and energy efficiency, will be a project demonstrating that affordable does not equate to ordinary, and should act as an exemplar for future social housing developments in Preston and elsewhere.

The Selection will take the form of a two stage process, which at stage one will involve teams submitted design ideas on a single A1 design board. Up to four teams will be short-listed and invited to attend an interview to expand on their first stage submission. Each of these teams will receive an honorarium of £3,000.

The online brief can be viewed at

RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects

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