Festival international de Jardins: Kaos in the Garden

Ponte de Lima international Garden Festival

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The objectives of the Festival are to contribute on a local, national and international level to greater awareness of the art of the garden and to an increase in the importance of gardens and of green spaces in improving the quality of life of citizens, creating a movement that brings flowers, plants and art into closer contact with the urban space and is simultaneously a force for the preservation and enhancement of the values of the rural landscape.

The competition is open to any citizen or group of citizens from any Country, individually or collectively, including Companies, Firms/Practices, Associations, Cooperatives, Schools, Universities, etc., etc.

The competitors must indicate the plot for which their proposal is designed.
A plan of the plots is available in digital format at www.festivaldejardins.cm-pontedelima.pt. - Competitors should submit proposals in the form of a preliminary design with the materials, forms and the functioning of the space perfectly perceptible.

Theme for the Festival 2010: "Kaos in the Garden".

Official Garden Festival website
- www.festivaldejardins.cm-pontedelima.pt