Affordable Housing in Sustainable Humane Habitats

IAHH International Student Design Competition

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iscrizioni entro 25.01.10 | consegna entro 25.01.10

IAHH is pleased to announce its Eighth International Student Design Competition on the theme of "Affordable Housing in Sustainable Humane Habitats". 

The competition is open to all registered undergraduate / post graduate / doctoral students of any nationally recognized school, college or institution of architecture, engineering, planning, urban design, landscape design, environmental design and related disciplines of anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, social work, etc.

The student participants are required to identify a site in a city of their own choice anywhere in the world for planning and designing affordable housing in sustainable humane habitat project.

The project should aim at designing affordable housing and evolving a sustainable community with diverse neighbourhoods. All efforts shall be made to evolve its humane character. The landscape design of the project would aim at achieving harmony with nature thus contributing to evolution of a sustainable humane habitat.

- First Prize INRs 75,000/
- Second Prize INRs.50,000/
- Third Prize INRs.25,000/
Maximum of 5 Honourable Mentions without any case prizes shall be given.

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