HB:BX The High Bridge International Ideas Competition

fourth biennial international ideas competition

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iscrizioni entro 12.11.09 | consegna entro 15.01.10

HB:BX is an open international ideas competition to design an arts center that culturally reinforces the physical connection between the Manhattan and Bronx Highbridge communities of New York City.

This competition is hosted by the Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA), AIA New York Chapter, in cooperation with Artists Unite and the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and it is meant to draw awareness to the current efforts to restore and reopen the bridge.

HB:BX is an opportunity to explore how outdated infrastructure, including the High Bridge and Highbridge Water Tower can be re-used and adapted to meet the current needs of the city.

Entrants are encouraged to go beyond current restoration proposals and think of innovative ways that High Bridge can be engaged - perhaps even modified - reinstating it as a destination, and reviving cross-river and inter-borough connections that were severed with the bridge’s closure. In addition to the bridge’s connective value, the communities’ need for open public space and additional amenities is an important part of this design challenge.

Who is eligible to participate in this competition? Any student or professional (architect, landscape designer, planner, engineer, designer, artist) who has received an undergraduate or undergraduate degree after Sept. 10, 1999.

+ info: www.enyacompetitions.org