Window display competition 2010

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consegna entro 4 dicembre 2009

AIA Philadelphia & Artemide host the 2010 Window Display Competition

Light as stimulus. Light is a material of many faces, that can fulfill many roles when used to enrich the built space and the urban realm. Ephemerally light can inspire, create ambiance, and affect emotions, while physically it can improve sight, denote importance, and provide guidance. More often than not light in some way touches on both of these in intentional and unintentional ways. Using light in design is a difficult task as it has many unpredictable and uncontrollable aspects. Manipulating light is similar to a complex puzzle, as every move has increased side effects, which is why light is such an excitement. Entrants for this year's Window Display Competition are welcome to embrace the exploration of light's many faces in order to create light as stimulus that will leave impressions on those who see it in the urban context and influence the surrounding environment. Concepts should explore both the technical and ephemeral aspects of light. Saturation, contrast, color, and viewing scale should also be considered.

WINNING ENTRY & OTHER PRIZES The winning entry shall be constructed as the showcase piece of Artemide's seasonal reception. The winning designer will assist during the fabrication process by providing sketches, details, and clarification to Artemide's construction team. Prizes are to be determined.

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